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About Me

by miss_gruenkern

Hi! And welcome to my website. I’m Ronja, 30 years old, from Germany and I am the person behind Food’n’Photo. Maybe you know me as @miss_gruenkern on Instagram.

Some facts about me

  • Found passion for food photography in 2015
  • Full-time food photographer since 2018
  • Loves to create new veggie and vegan recipes
  • Baking over cooking
  • Loves blueberries, but no green spelt
  • Lying awake in bed for hours to think about recipee
  • Lives vegetarian for more than 6 years
  • Cooks rarely after recipe, except it’s her own
  • Pen and paper are always next to the stove
  • Loves to eat pancakes for breakfast

A black plate with a stack of panckake on it. The pancakes are topped with raspberries. Two hands in the background, holding a cup of coffee.Why @miss_gruenkern?

Grünkern is the german word for green spelt. When I created my account, I wanted to show something green on all pictures. Besides, I already knew that I would like to post only food. Green spelt has connected both in one word. The idea for miss_gruenkern came from my friend and I did not think much about it. Who would have thought that someday this would be my job?! But know I’m miss_gruenkern and it’s ok. 🙂